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Combining her love for performing arts and moving images, Ruiqi has been capturing the perspectives of people and telling stories through photography, short videos and documentaries. She actively freelances in film, live theatre, media, music gigs and dance performances as a videographer, video editor or producer. With her solid grasp of sound and original eyes to see things that others may quickly dismiss, Ruiqi’s agility and attention to detail complement her video production and digital content creation. 


Originally from Anhui, China, Ruiqi graduated with a master's degree in Arts and Cultural Management from the University of Melbourne. Apart from her freelance work, she's also the online producer of La Mama Theatre and the digital content producer of Sangam – a performing arts festival of South Asia and Diaspora. She’s also a Naarm-based multi-instrumentalist actively performing.

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I love filming and photographing music events, live theatre/dance and I've been mainly working with independent artists and non-profit arts organizations.

I'm interested in all sorts of quirky, or not quirky little shows.

Low light is my friend!


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Fast turnaround documentary style or trailer editing. 

Have the ability to 'turn shit into gold'.

Proficiency in DaVinci Resolve, Abode Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro

black flat screen computer monitor_edited.jpg
Filming worship for livestream at Bethel Church in Austin, TX_edited.jpg


I'm also a livestream tech, have livestreamed tons of shows with multiple camera setup, knowing the ins and outs of softwares such as Wirecast and OBS.

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